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Isabelle Mac


When she was a young teenager of 13 years old, she lived in a totally recovered bedroom of covers from Vogue magazine, ELLE magazine…all the pictures of them were taken by world photographers like Peter Lindberg, Ellen von Unwerth.
Could you imagine a bedroom without a naked corner…even not the ceiling!
She spent most of her time to buy every fashion magazine‘s because she was very interesting by photo-journalism.
Why ?
Just because she enjoyed very much watching the living world around herself as a spectator in front of the great movie that life is. She studied the movements of casual life with hungry eyes of a child. Like no other she investigated to find the truth and the deepness of the life wheel.
She was nearly 15 years old, and she was walking in the streets but she was not very sure of herself during this time and…
And a the director of Model Company stopped her to ask her for becoming a model. She accepted this and done her first shooting session on the most beautiful avenue of the world, the well know Champs Elysée from Paris.
She never stopped studying and got an advertiser diploma.
During a long time she worked as a model and by this way she watched carefully the way to be a pro, but as photographer. She learned their work and understood the most important thing in this job : “ you just have to be true, that s why the power of a picture is in behaviour and the movements of the body…and also to let the inside light shine outside”.

There are years ago, she bought a small camera. This one became her eyes to watch the world and on her path now she shoot all the time the meaning of life around her. Even with friends, they are far because she can t stop shooting “the picture”.
This way of life paid and she had contracts with singers and actors like Laurent HENNEQUIN who worked with Marion COTILLARD and also a well know writer, Paul Loup SULITZER. She never stopped walking and crossing the streets of Paris because her love of the French art and its monuments.
She decides to explore other universes and creates some picture inspire by objects and open a mind door about their matter.
In the beginning of 2011, she exposed at the “3 Baudets in Paris” as well know as the great place for artists in Paris. During three weeks she exposed from early January to late February 2011.
Since this exhibition, and also with much work, she is very ask today, reaches most of

40 000 visitors on her website and always to go up.




"Es ist nicht die stärkste Spezie die überlebt, auch nicht die intelligenteste, es ist diejenige, die sich am ehesten dem Wandel anpassen kann." (Charles Darwin)