What about your own Self-Management?

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Do you sometimes ask yourself: "What the Hell am I doing?"
And feel a strong contrast between what you are doing and what you really want?


Many people don't really mind about what they want or even don't know.
They oftentimes accept what happens to them thinking "I can't change the things anyway".
Or they are told to accept and to be patient.

Other people structure their life in the traditional way of society (three phases of life: learn, have family and work, retire) and their objectives are mainly aligned to those three phases of life.


Other people strongly focus on themselve: Who am I? What do I (really) want? What are my

most important goals? What can / must I do to achieve my goals? Those people have a strong self leaderhip and self management. For them: their life always has prio 1. 
And this is NOT necessarily egoism or narcissm....

Isn't it, that exactly this capability, is a prerequisit for entrepreneurs?
Entrepreneurs in Life and in Business?





Can we change reality ?

You can't alter reality, it's constructed individually, it's you who shapes it ;-)
[Peter Rost, 19.1.2012, responding to my Facebook Status]

I disagreed because I think one has to check each's understanding of  "reality".
To make the Moon rotate on another orbit, might possibly be done.
At least all people discussing this would agree that the laws of physics must have to be applied to solve this problem. So all these people would have the same view and understanding of this kind of reality.

For any arbitrary department of a company, there might be reason or even demand to be changed. The CEO wants it, middle management has to support and the Line Manager has to explain and execute the change to his employees. Probably the views of the CEO, the Line Manager and the employees on the reality of the department are very  different.
I think it's quite intuitive to see that the reality of this department can be changed pretty good. Lots of people working in the field of Organizational Development are facilitating such Change Processes.

So I'd say:
I can always change the reality, somebodies individual reality as well as an organizational reality, where more individuals are involved in.

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On Self management

Self-management means different things in different fields:

In business, education, and psychology, self-management refers to methods, skills, and strategies by which individuals can effectively direct their own activities toward the achievement of objectives, and includes goal setting, decision making, focusing, planning, scheduling, task tracking, self-evaluation, self-intervention, self-development, etc. Also known as executive processes (in the context of the processes of execution).


My Question:

Does your school provide knowledge about

- goal setting?

- decision making?

- focusing?

- planing?

- scheduling?

- Task tracking?

- self-evaluation?

- to direct my own activities toward the achievement of objectives?


If you - school - can answer all questions with "YES"....I'd like to come into contact with you.

"Es ist nicht die stärkste Spezie die überlebt, auch nicht die intelligenteste, es ist diejenige, die sich am ehesten dem Wandel anpassen kann." (Charles Darwin)