Dr. Karl-Heinz [Charlie] Thunemann

PhD in Theoretical Chemistry at University of Bonn in 1978.
Three years of research at Universities Bonn, Wuppertal and Siegen.
1981 started as Database Designer at Bonndata, the IT department of Deutscher Herold, Insurance company.
15 years as an IT Manager responsible for Software Engineering and Quality Management.
Since 1995 additionally trainer for the new Deutscher Herold Project Management System.
Qualification as Project Management Professional based on PMI Standard.
Qualification as Consultant and Trainer at Neuland & Partner.
2001 changed to Bonner Akademie, 2003 to Learning & Development within Bonner Akademie.
Master study "Personalentwicklung" at University Kaiserslautern, without the final examination.
Helped to implement the new global Project Manageent System, now for Zurich.
Again 3 years of Project Management Training, now in English and Europe-wide.
The last two years I spend with design and implementation of a qualification program
for "Social Media Learning".
Besides I was a teacher for Project Management in several Bachelor Studies
(University of Koblenz-Landau, University Bochum and Fachhochschule Köln).

I am very curious and almost always in good spirits.
And I like to take others than the usual pathways.
So "5" sometimes is an even number for me.


How I work:

"I can do theory".
But I prefer to work pragmatically.
For me it is not so important to be always 100% according to theory,
but to generate benefit for you.

And I prefer to work iteratively:
I generate a 30% solution, get your Feedback, generate the 70% solution etc.

I like to visualize, so using Flipcharts, Pinwalls etc.

For me discussions about the value of being either abstract or concret are of no use.
The art is - depending on the situation - to find always the right level of abstraction, so in other words: to be able to be abstract and to be concret too.
Cope with the big picture as well as with the bits&bytes level.

Foto: Isabelle Mac / http://www.facebook.com/isabelle.mac


"Es ist nicht die stärkste Spezie die überlebt, auch nicht die intelligenteste, es ist diejenige, die sich am ehesten dem Wandel anpassen kann." (Charles Darwin)