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21.8.2012 New New New New
Regarding the ChangeLifeCoaching contents I now have a Blog:
You are heartly invited to have a look.


13.8.2012 My new concept of a role-based Self management



2.8.2012 You'll find me in QYPE too now:


24.5.2012 From today on I will do additional projects together with Isabelle Mac.

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Regarding my own case:


I will keep my homepage hopefully rather steady.
News will be postet in "News".


I get and produce my inspiration, ideas, results on Facebook and Twitter



An interesting experience is in the offing:

My brother and me will have a sailing trip around the Seychelles with our kids and their friends.
So we will be 9 people 14 days together on a small boat.
As an ex-Learning and development specialist I know the charme of having a cruise for developing a team.
We go for having fun. There is nobody who wants to use this cruise for a fundamental change of him-/herself.
Nevertheless it will be interesting – in the sense of this page – to see what happens.


best regards
Charlie Thunemann

"Es ist nicht die stärkste Spezie die überlebt, auch nicht die intelligenteste, es ist diejenige, die sich am ehesten dem Wandel anpassen kann." (Charles Darwin)